Sushi Terminologies

A friendly quick glance at our sushi terminologies for first timers!

  • Sashimi: is a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw fish sliced into thin pieces.
  • Chirashi: is a bowl of sushi rice topped with a variety of raw fish and vegetables.
  • Maki: is cylindrical, generally wrapped in seaweed and contains one or two fillings.
  • Tamaki: is a large cone filled sushi with the filling spilling out the wide end.
  • Nigiri: is an oblong mound of sushi rice, a hint of wasabi and a topping draped over it.
  • Gunkan: is a clump of sushi rice that has seaweed wrapped around it to hold a filling.
  • Uramaki: is a cylindrical inside-out maki roll with two or more fillings and toppings.
  • Ceviche: is made from sliced raw fish cured in citrus juices and spiced with chili peppers.
  • Tartare: is a finely hand chopped raw fish flavored with subtle herbs and spices.