History of Sushi

As with any ancient food, sushi’s history is surrounded by countless legends and folklore. However, its true origins are somehow mysterious. It goes back over 2000 years ago. Sushi, at that time, involved fermenting salted fish in rice. After a few months, the rice was discarded and only the fish would be eaten.

The Japanese liked to eat rice with the raw fish. Later, they started making special rice for sushi where they combined rice with vinegar and vegetables. During the 19th century, food stalls started selling sushi in Tokyo.

By the 20th century, chefs from Tokyo started moving to other parts of Japan which helped make sushi popular all over the country. Today, sushi has become a popular food for millions of people all over the world. And we are pleased to play a small part in spreading the popularity of this beloved dish to Abu Dhabi.

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